Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flexible Infection

Did you know that Flexible Survival is a sequel? It is true. I have decided to blow the dust off the frantic original and open it up to potential development. Basic summary: In this game, you start out in a room, and there are various monsters around the city. These monsters range from horse-sized skunks, to cat girls, small lionesses, alpha lions, latex foxes and latex wolves, easter bunnies, rat dudes and a whole manner of species. They are all sexualized and over the course of the game, you are infected by them by having them either attack you or have sex with you. You can "kiss and hug" them which is fucking them, and you can "offer" to them which is inviting them to fuck you. Your body parts start to turn into whomever infected that area. The infections spread, and compete with each other, to corrupt you. The game has many 'ending' conditions when you are fully corrupted. Not all monsters turn you into what they are; Skunkbeasts turn you into a furry skunk, rabbit guys turn you into a herm rabbit, etc. You'll find a link to this quirky classic on the upper right hand of the web page, under play prequel.