Monday, September 10, 2012

Bonus Hours Chosen

The bonus hours for last month's been selected, with Victory/Defeat Sex winning again.  We'll be adding and updating a bunch more of these scenes to increase the variety and quality of this content for you as thanks for your continued support.  EDIT: As with last time, does anyone have suggestions in this regard.

We do have some new stuff for you guys:
Armour: The armour system's been completely remodelled (from the ground up this time).  Armour will now provide a percentage damage reduction, but will not always be effective at dampening a blow.  There's 5 or 6 weaker armour items out there right now, but expect more and better ones to start turning up over time.  As well, Snow's now itching to get her squirrelly paws on your armour to start upgrading it too.
Scavenging Events:  We've got a couple more of these added to the mix.
Fire Station 86: The Fire Station and the firefighters there have received another update.

Sorry for the lack of updates and feedback of late.  Things have been rather stressful and hectic here.  I have had some problems on my end that have really cut into my ability to work on the project for the last week or so, but I hope to be getting back on track shortly.  As well, my apologies to anyone who's been trying to contact me via email, but that's not working at the moment.  Contact will have to be on the forum's messenger or via Nuku for the moment.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (2/2) - one more hour needed?
  • Wolf Rescue (0/6)
  • Moar Leonard (0/5)
  • More Andrew (0/3) 
  • Bonus Hours - Victory/Defeat (0/6)