Saturday, June 30, 2012


We're getting close to the end of the month and the cut off for the next set of bonus time.  We've already got 6 hours of time and are close to getting more than that.  Please keep up your generous support and get your requests in soon.

There's some new content that's been put in recently.  I've finished off the Phoenix time by adding two more sex scenes that can randomly come up with her.  These will only appear after you've had sex with her at least twice before.  I've also added some two new events in the Hospital.  These are both rather basic, but they'll let you get a new item, the libido suppressant... a quick shot to drop your libido, usable in combat.  Dr. Mouse will also give you one after completing the first part of the Hospital quest.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Joanna (7/9)
  • Husky+Skunk (skunk endings still to come) 
  • Ronda (0/2)
  • Ferret (0/8)