Tuesday, June 5, 2012

College Campus

I've got another update ready for you guys.  There's still a bit more to come, but I wanted to send off what I had prepared.  This one's from another donation request, giving you a new area to enjoy, the College Campus.  This will be a tougher area, with monsters being at least level 5 or more.  Hint: hunt college to find the event leading to it.
- The big thing you'll find is a new bunny critter who's a sports-loving, hyper-muscled rabbit out for some fun.  He's got some variation for player gender in his reactions to you, affecting his description, attacks and victory sex most noticeably.  He's also got a special attack that will come up rarely, so watch out for it.
- Also for the campus, the Incubus has been transplanted here, moving to corrupt the youth at college with decadent temptations.
Update: I've done up some simple events, some for background and some that throw in monsters from other areas for added variety.  They should be live some time in the morning.

I've ported a bunch of the simple events over to the new version of the game and (after a long wrestling match) I was able to port over Frank pretty much completely, too.  (It appears he needs a few repairs though.)