Friday, June 15, 2012

New Content and New Game Start System

Another person's decided to try their hand at creating content for the game.  Kaleem's come along and brought us three additions: a Gargoyle monster, a Kitsune encounter set and an old boombox you can find for the bunker.

Some crazypsychopath's been at work again, creating a new start method for the game.  It will permit you to select and adjust within a Game Options area before starting up the game.  But don't worry, the regular method still exists.  As it comes with pre-selected options, you can choose to start the game faster by taking the basic build.  I expect we'll be adding more features and options to this setup area.  Please put it through its paces so we can be sure it's working properly.

EDIT 6/17: A big batch of events scattered around the game have been added by Kaleem.  Some are longer chained events but most are single-shot background stuff.

EDIT 6/18: A few more miscellaneous events by Kaleem have been prepped and added.  These are more background ones again.