Friday, June 22, 2012

Missing Scenes

There are a lot of placeholder or minimal scenes in the game. For instance, if you are the wrong gender, a given mutant may just brush you off instead of responding in any meaningful way, or perhaps a mutant that should care that you have a horsecock doesn't react any differently at all.

Here's your chance to fix that!

Find a mutant/gender/species combo(pixie, when you're a male), then write up a scene. It can be on submit, or defeat, or both. Send your awesome scene over to me at I review the scene and code it into the game. Everyone wins.

Note, if you don't know how to code in references, use all caps. For example:

You thrust your COCK SIZE COCK TYPE dick into the....

I'll look for all cap things and figure out the code to make it work properly. Coding experience not required.

  • Ash Drakenoid, Male/Neuter
    • Entered
  • Yamato Dragon, Male/Neuter
    • Entered
  • Yamato Dragon, Female, Size Based
    • Entered
  • Dolphin, Male/Neuter
    • Entered
  • City Sprites, Victory, male
    • Entered
  • Sea Dragon, Male/Neuter, Size Based
    • Entered
  • Dolphin, Female, Size Based
    • Entered
  • Snake, Surprise
    • In Progress
  • City Sprites, Victory, Female
    • Entered