Friday, June 29, 2012

Skunkbeast Lord

Finding a large group of skunks in conflict with some armed men, the player has the opportunity to face down a giant skunkbeast: the Skunkbeast Lord.  Can our hero prevail against the monster?  Can the player rid the park of this menace?  Will you be able to finally rid the park of the black menace of skunkdom?

Come on, this Flexible Survival: Of course not... but there'll be loads of sex.

The skunk update's in and done.  High level stuff this one.  You probably want to be at least 10+ before going at it... unless you'd prefer to see what happens when you lose.  The numerous endings for a victorious player still remain to be written out, but all the content and how it interconnects will all other existing skunk content is functional (hopefully).  Lots of stuff in this one has connections and adaptations of the existing content, big and small, so try it with the other skunk stuff out there.  This one's elaborate, so keep an eye out for bugs that I may have missed.