Friday, June 22, 2012


We've got another batch of new stuff rolling out for you guys:

Retriever: GentlemanB's completed a project he's been working on for a while.  There is now a Retriever creature running around the High Rise District.  As well, there's a new NPC you can meet and interact with in the area as well.

Feline upgrades: Completing this donation request, I've made some improvements to the Felines in the park.  Changes include:
- Slightly description tweaks, including a 'first time' description as well for the feline girls.
- A few more variations on the attacks made.
- Alt-combat update for the male lion, dropping his damage somewhat in trade for a special ability.
- Victory sex against the male lion.
- Endings.  Finally.
- Another sex scene w/Leonard that may come up if you're pure Feline.

Game Start: Some more adjustments and improvements were made to the game start system, coming with three main points:
- Random starting stats: You'll still have the same total number of points, but your 6 stats could be anything from 10 to 18.  Roll them bones!
- Feat Awards: There are now assigned via the existing feats system, but in an automated manner.  This will ensure you gain any immediate effects from your chosen feat.
- Feat Reselection: Should you not qualify for your chosen feat after starting the game, you will be asked for input to select another.  This would only occur if you changed your primary stats away from the one needed to qualify for a given feat or if your random stat was too low to qualify for it.  Otherwise, your feats will be activated automatically w/o further player input.