Monday, June 25, 2012

More Phoenix + Main Storyline FULL!

More work was done on the new Phoenix character, giving her several possible sex scenes with the player as well as some rather simple endings.  She will push the player towards being male unless you have one of the gender preferred feats.

EDIT 6/26 - We now have the next addition to the Main Storyline quest up and completed.  Dr. Matt has another task for you that will get you out and exploring.  After that, he'll send you off to do grunt work for the people at Zephyr, who also send you tromping all across the city.  Writing for this second half went really well, so I decided to do a little extra and complete it in its entirety.  There's even some Easter eggs in there for clever players.  There's room to spice it up further or potentially change the creatures involved once we have more stronger ones or I'm willing to rework some stats, but it'll do nicely for now.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Joanna (7/9)
  • Phoenix (9/10)
  • Husky+Skunk (3.75/12) 
  • Monthly Bonus (6/6)