Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More Critter Fun

We've got some NPC updates, with two new friends, a much-needed update to one of the game's very first NPCs and a few other additions.  I also have spent some time adding more scenes to a bunch of critters that could use a little attention.  It mainly ended up being males, but I'll see about doing the same for a another female or two to even it out.  There's also a few other things on top of that.

Stella: This Eager Dal can be found in the RLD.  A having become a herm dalmation, she's eager to put her new equipment to use and can be swapped between the Bunker or the Police Station.
Sandra: Updated with a sex menu and new options: cunnilingus, 69 and access to her threesomes with Coleen or Philip (if available).
Ammy: A new NPC added by femtoAmpere, this bicorn dancer can be found in a new room at the Palomino.  She works a little differently, so ask Ammy about help if you need some.
Blanche: Art by The Negative of the white wolf woman's been added to the game.
Dr. Utah: Some sexy fun times with the male version of the wereraptor doctor (to be activated shortly).

Fluffy Owl: New M/F scene for both player victory and player loss.
Herm Latex Vixen: Player victory sex menu w/option to fuck her pussy added.
Spidergirl: New bondage/oral variation for player loss.
Caveman: If you're ripe for impregnation, you may get this new player loss scene.
Feral Gryphon: An M/M player victory sex scene.
Grizzly Bear: Alternate finales for the player loss oral and anal scenes.
Impala: An oral player loss scene for the male impala.  A second version of M/F fun with a defeated female impala.
Shadow Beast: Oral player loss scene added.
Parasitic Plant: Another variation to the set of player loss scenes, giving us three it'll cycle through after the initial seeding (both F/H and M versions).

Apocalypse Store: A new contribution by Dr. Gryphon as a bit of practice.  It's a ruined store with a few alternate articles of clothing left in it... for now.

Writer For Hire update:
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