Sunday, January 19, 2014

Content News

And we're back with another update on the new content that's been added to the game.  This time, we've got:

Artemis: A few more modded additions have been added, with another engulfment variation and some kinky additions to go along with her kinkier modifications (appearing randomly).
Hayato: The first portion dealing with the Oni Lair has been released.
Phi Iota Gamma: It is now possible to return to the pig-infested Frat House and try to join up... except you'll need a senior member to vouch for you. 

Philip: You can now wrestle with the big piggy in the mud.
Orc: Orcs have appeared in the Capitol Bldg area, so beware of these big, green ravagers.
Lilith: Some threesome action with Evil Elijah is now available. 

Bottlenose Toy: A new breast enlargement loss scene.  Note: Only possible if your breasts aren't already above their breast size limit. 

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (1.25/6)
  • P.I.G. Frat (5/6)
  • D6: Varied F (1/11)
  • D6: New F NPC (0/10)
  • D6: Athanasia+ (0/14) 
  • D6: Lilith 3somes (3/11) - Wahn
  • Amy/Soldier Squad (0/3) - Wahn
  • Margay (0/5)
  • Alexandra (0/10) 
  • Otter NPC (0/4)
  • Orc Raiders (0/4) - Wahn
  • Wrestling Philip Variant (0/1) - Wahn