Sunday, January 5, 2014

FS on IOS Devices

As submitted on our forum:

Well, this was interesting! Surprising, and I'm still excited. If you go to the appstore, and search for interactive fiction, you might find an app by the name of frotz ! I am extremely excited, because this app can actually be used to play Flexible Survival on devices. Here's a step by step guide.

1) Go to the app store, search for the app "Frotz" and, download it. Its about 116 MB if I remember right.
2) Open safari, and go to the site. it'll be a mobile site.
3) Scroll all the way down, view web version, then click links. It'll go back to the mobile site. This is okay.
4) Click flexible survival, do not use the installer. I don't think it'll even let you. After that, wait. Page loading type of thing? Simply wait. The file will pop up, click open with frotz
5) Have lots and lots of naughty fun!