Friday, January 10, 2014

Female Content Donation Drive

Double-D Double-Down Donation Drive

We have received a very intriguing proposal from a very unlikely source.  Alexandra, the Doberwoman cop, would like to see more females in the game and is willing to put her money where her muzzle is.  Gathering up all the freecreds from the tickets she's issued in the game, she'll match anyone's donation for content centered on a female NPC/critter/event/threesome, new or expansion.  She will provide a maximum of $75 (5 hours) towards any one project and has a total of $300 (20 hours) she's willing to put towards this donation drive.  Donations towards her own project should not be made, as arrangements for that have already been made.

1. The challenge will run over two weeks.
2. During that period, Alexandra will double-up on contributions of other commissioners towards */F content (see 6 and 7).  This means that each hour worth of donation towards such a project will be matched with an equal donation (and hours) from Alexandra, essentially giving the commissioner double the time for their money.
3. Each individual project can receive up to 5 hours ($75) worth of boosting from Alexandra to ensure some variety in requests.  Donations about this amount are welcome and will still get 5 added hours.
4. Alexandra will donate up to an overall maximum of $300 for such boosting during this period.
5. Alexandra will cover the boosting once every day and attempt to do so at the same time. This will help keep the tally running so fans know if they can still get a boost.
6. Any project qualifies as long as the main focus and content is towards a female NPC/critter/event/whatever.  If some M or H components are incidentally included or necessary to advance the story of the female content, that's fine.  Similarly, a threesome with a female character and a character of another gender is allowable provided the female is the main focus.
7. To be clear: The content requirement is for 'player + female' and not 'female player' content.   Similarly, it is for females only, so no herms or cuntboys for this. 
8. The donation requests can be made to any of the active Writer for Hire devs.
9. Alexandra has no approval control or input whatsoever over any commissioned content that meets the accepted criteria.  She will take what comes.

If you're unsure how much donation time goes into making your request, I've resurrected a pricing guide from the old forums.  Please be aware that a typical new character/monster can be done well for as little as 4-6 hours, so even a small donation from you, when boosted, will allow for your request to be created.  If it's shared around, we can get a lot of variety out of this generous offer.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/6)
  • More Hayato (0/3)
  • P.I.G. Frat (0/6)
  • Female Double-Down remaining - closed
  • Varied F (0/11)
  • New F NPC (0/10)