Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm Baaaack!

And with prezzies!
I've returned from the holidays with a batch of updates.  The WfH queue's been pretty much dealt, though someone's already jumped in and put in a new request which we should be seeing soon.  And as a holiday gift for their continued support and an apology for the delay, those requests all got a little bit extra added to them.  With my stack clear, now's the time to jump in at the top of the queue with fresh donation requests.
So let's get to the unwrapping!

Brutus: Added another big pile of options for you and your demon pet to have fun with defeated Demon Brutes.  See Wahn for more Brutus stuff.
Red Oni: Now has a set of monster victory scenes.
Vanessa: New infectious sex menu option - nursing.
Meredith: Post-TF sex and interaction scenes that unlock threesomes.
Artemis: Lots more modded fun - engulfing/masturbation/sex/napping.
Wrestling Wolf: Now with 'first time' appearance.
Twisted Pimp: An M/M player victory scene can be obtained once you beat up a few of these guys.  Also promoted to lvl 8 and the infection name is now capitalized.
Black Wasp: Getting rid of the parasite should now be somewhat easier.
Skunk Pet: Event moved to the Urban Forest.

Blue Bishop:
Beach Area: Blue Bishop and I have done a bit of remodeling on the Beach area, laying it out a little more sensibly.
Gender Locking: You can now, if you choose, set yourself with a fully or partially locked gender at the start of the game.
Banning Menu: Hyperlinks for easier usage.
Ending Changes: The displaying of endings has been cleaned up to be more reader-friendly.
Open Hunting: Added access to the main Outside area from several locations in the game for smoother continued exploration.

Carl: More fun with the Soldier Squad leads to a new canine friend with lots of good stuff.  He's also just been added to the saveword.
Brutus:  Added a bunch of fun between him and David.

As for the bonus hours, we got three for the past month.  I'll go ahead with more of your suggestions from the previous set.  Next time, we'll poll for fresh ones.

Writer For Hire update:
  • New NPC (0/4) - Stripes