Sunday, January 12, 2014

D6 Update

Double-D Double-Down Update

The donation drive has been going very well, with several fans snatching up the opportunity to request some big projects.  Because of this, it's already well on its way to completion, with only $75 remaining in the pool.  That's enough for another 5 hours worth of boosting.  That's still enough to be shared up into a couple of good-sized additions or one big one.  I'd also suggest commissioning something from Wahn so he can share in the benefit.  He'll also have a faster turnaround time than I will by this point, so you'll see your request all the sooner.  He's got some possible ideas in the comments to the previous posting or tackle something else you'd like.

Take advantage of this opportunity while it's still available and get something you want added to the game for essentially half-price.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (1.25/6)
  • More Hayato (0/3)
  • P.I.G. Frat (0/6)
  • Female Double-Down remaining - closed
  • D6: Varied F (0/11)
  • D6: New F NPC (0/10)
  • D6: Athanasia+ (0/14)