Thursday, January 24, 2013

Busy Day 2

Another busy burst of work followed the last one and there's a second batch of new critters for everyone to enjoy ported over from Multiplayer:

Quilled Tousky: That wacky, messed-up, husky-hedgehog-toucan thing.  Marp!  Find him at the Junkyard.
Bird of Paradise: A beautifully captivating female bird flying around at the Zoo!
Giraffe: Converted into a herm for Stables, she's heavily hung and ready for action, win or lose.
Fire Elemental: This fiery woman's smoking hot and burning things up out on the Dry Plains.
Xeno: Due to fan demand and with Nuku's okay, this has been releases as something reminiscent of an Alien xenomorph, partially altered/imported from one already in Multiplayer, but considerably souped up.  It's stalking the Capitol Building area (Government Assistance event).  Warning: Eggses.

The Snake out on the Dry Plains has now an appetite for PCs, so be careful... unless you're into that. ;)

Also added is another pair of books you can obtain and unlock at the Central Library (in the High Rise District).  Both are quite useful and should be worth the risks involved.

GentlemanB's content for Rex and Karen has been touched up and streamlined in preparation of more improvements to come.  They'll be saved soon as well.

This leaves my Writer for Hire to do list completely empty, so if you've got any ideas, projects, critters or NPCs you'd liked worked on, new or old, toss in a donation and lets make it happen while I'm on a roll.

Also, don't forget that Larissa needs more forms.  If you donate towards her, you get to pick some of the infections that will come in that batch.  A donation of an hour should get a handful of new forms for this multitastic, transforming NPC.  Alternatively, she can also be souped up with more sex, either scenes specific for certain traits or more general ones that can go across the board.