Monday, January 7, 2013

Critter Updates

There have been some scattered updates since the last announcement.  There's a few noteworthy things to mention, so I wanted to give you guys a head's up on that.

First off, I've done some additions and tweaking to several of the creatures in the game, adding a scene here or there to them.  Those affected are:
Bottlenose Toy (creature victory - oral variant)
Incubus (player victory - oral)
Werewolf Costume (player victory - oral)
Parasitic Plant (creature victory - new variant)

Next, a new technique's being tried out where the game will stop asking you if you want to partake in victory sex if you keep refusing it with a given creature.  While only active on a few creatures, it will spare you from having to refuse constantly if you have no interest in those critters.  This state can be undone by losing to that creature.  Those with this feature at present are: Bald Eagle, Bottlenose Toy, Bunny Jock, Incubus, Mothgirl and Raccoon.

The groundwork for the Equinoid Camp has been started up, allowing you to meet with their leader and possibly gain access to the tribe.  While the content after that point is not yet ready, you can preview the task to join, the scene inducting you into the herd and one of its benefits.  To reach the new content, just confront and defeat several of the Black Equinoids in the Park and it should start up on its own.  I have a lot of ideas for this, so I hope people enjoy it and want more.

Also, the Tree Nymph in the Red Light District has been renamed into the Dryad to reduce confusion and better suit the creature.