Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Bonus Hours

Now that the holiday delay's over, we're back to dishing out bonus hours.  Thanks to Nuku's gift of an extra hour, we've got 6 hours this month for voting.  Because I fail at counting, we've got five creature options this month as well as three others.

Nuku should have the poll up soon, but here are the options in advance of that:

critters options:
- Vampire: A sexy traditional male vampire - no sparkles!
- Wallaby: A small and sexy male also able to access the Down Under pub.
- Xeno: An alien critter of uncertain gender and strange genitalia.
- Yeti: The abominable snow woman looking for a mate.
- Zodiac: A herm hybrid creature with a zodiac theme and powers.
non-critter options:
- New companion: A genital creature with sex attacks and a lust for the player.
- Powerhouse Clash: Event fight between the Wrestling Wolf and several other big critters of the game.
- Special Attacks: New sexy attacks for existing critters to spice things up.

I expect there'll be a lot of interest in several of these and am interested in seeing how the voting goes.  Also, with the queue mostly clear, now's the time to get your new requests in.

NOTE: It's come to my attention that I need to clarify the Xeno a bit more.  I do not yet have a fixed idea on its final form, but it will have some unusual biology and will have strange sexual organs.  I'd be tempted to give it very strange morphology, but I'm uncertain how much appeal it would then have.  It will not be based on the creatures from 'Aliens'.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (7.5/9) 
  • Equinoids (0/6) (partial)
  • Bonus Hours: TBD (0/6)