Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy Day

I've had a very productive day over the last 24 hours, adding quite a bit to the game.  Added to the other stuff I've done since my last post, we've got a pretty sweet update ready for you guys.

First up, there's been a lot of smaller additions and add-ons to existing critters and content:
- Several Felinoid player submission scenes and some general improvements to its other scenes.
- More scenes for Tiger Cop victory over the player, both M/F and M/M.
- The Latex Wolf's got an M/M scene for submissive players and an engulfing goo scene.
- Optional M/M player victory sex with the Hawkman.
- MPreg endings for Chase the tiger.
- An M/M loss scene for submissive players against the Centaur Stallion.
- Size adjustments for Flaming Lynx player victory scenes.
- The Teddy Bear's got a cuddly vore scene.

More content's been added to Alexandra the Doberman, two more sex scenes (titty-fuck and 69) and lingering signs of your recent fun with her persisting in her appearance and next sex scene.

Three more humanoid creatures have been imported from the multiplayer game, adding to the fun available to those looking for some less furry affection.
- Amazonian: A powerful herm out to prove she's better than any man.  Find her at the Museum.
- Anime Babe: A sexy girl with a vulnerability to tentacle fun.  EDIT: She's been updated to be vulnerable to the Parasitic Plant, Tentacle Horror, Cerberus and Squid forms.  She's wandering the Campus.
- Automaton: Remade into a metal-skinned person, these men and women only desire sex.  They're roaming at the Capitol Bldg area.