Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sugar Ferrets and More

There's some new, sweet and cuddly friends you can make at the State Fair, the Sugar Ferrets, who are currently living in a CandyShop you can find and even return to from time to time.  These guys have some new mechanics going on, so I expect there'll be a bug or two along the way.

Leonard will now acknowledge if you come to him looking for fun while one of the Feline girls from the park is nursing from you.  There are some new sex scenes possible from this.

Elijah now has more sexy fun available in the form of threesomes with Sven (M or F player) or the Felinoid companion (M player only for right now).  To gain access these in Elijah's menu, you'll need to spend some time in the bunker until you see the scenes with them making out.
EDIT 7/16: Now there's variations for a female player to player with Elijah and the Felinoid, as well as a male player to play with Elijah and Candy.

We've also got a bunch of other stuff that's been put in or updated:
The Submissive feat is now less likely to cause you to randomly submit.
The Wrestling Wolf can now give a bear hug alternate attack.  His other special attack has been slightly tweaked.
How to use the Instinctive Combat feat has been made clearer.
The Disorganization event series has been expanded upon.
The Butterfly's gender issues and the testosterone pill have been tweaked and should function better.
Some updates and improvements to Rex and the Retriever content.

EDIT 7/16: Alpha Fang now has the potential for watersports content.  You will be giving the option to accept or opt out of this, asked once per play through the game.  If you reload w/Trixie, you'll be asked again when it would occur.  If accepted, it will appear from time to time as part of playing with the wolf.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ferret (8/8)
  • Feline (4/4)
  • More Bottlenose Toy (0/5)
  • Alpha Fang (1.75/4)
  • Skunk (0/8)
  • Ronda (0/5) 
  • Doberman (0/3)
  • Monthly Hours - Stables (0.75/6)