Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bottlenose + Feat

The Bottlenose Toy girls are out for more fun, having gained a special scene that will come up periodically after having beaten the player a few times.  You can choose to accept it or try to struggle.  If you accept it or lose the struggle (which is weighted heavily in your favour), you'll get a final scene that ends the game.  There's lots of variations on the struggle itself, so it might be fun to try it out a few times.

We also have a new fun feat: Breeding True.  With it, your new kids will always take after their father.

For those playing the game with Inform, I have separated out the preset variables for the settings in the new auto-start menu.  This will allow you to easily preset them to your preferred starting setup.  Some quick notes have been added to explain these variables and their potential values.
NOTE: If you're uploading stuff to the GitHub, please do NOT send your adjusted version of the default settings.

Past that, lots of other little tweaks and fixes have been added as well.

EDIT: We've got another eclectic batch of events by Kaleem scattered around the game.

EDIT: Wahn's added more Elijah fun, this time threesome fun between Elijah+Candy and a female player.
EDIT 2: He's also added in a new background event for the Outside area.

EDIT 2: There's now another doctor you can meet at the Hospital who'll take an interest in you.  There's not much past once you meeting and chatting with this skunk woman for the moment, but it should give you a good first impression of what she has to offer.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Bottlenose Toy (5/5)
  • Alpha Fang (3/4)
  • Skunk (3/8)
  • Ronda (0/5)
  • Doberman (0/3)
  • Monthly Hours - Stables (0.75/6)