Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stables and More

I'm back from my vacation and have gotten back to work by completing the monthly bonus hours on the Stables work.  It has ended up being a lot of text editing, flagging and minor repairs to start.  Onyx saw the most significant work, properly flagging his content and adjusting it to cope with banning/gender pref. feats.  I have also opened him up to M/M fun if you leave him at the Stables after freeing him.  The M/F stuff takes precedence, but the possibility is there (and even includes an M/M ending like his M/F one has).  Sarokcat also provided me with a little more content as well, which you may recall was added earlier on in the month.  He assures me he has more of it somewhere and will be keeping an eye out for it.

Other stuff while I was away: Nuku's added a bunch more of Kaleem's content, catching up on most of his backlog.  This stuff does need some review and repairs, so keep an eye out for bugs to help us fix it up.  I also came back with a bunch of fixes, tweaks and editsGentlemanB's Rex and Retriever content's received some more content and improvements.

EDIT:  I've completed an addition for the request for Fang content to use up that last hour.  I couldn't really find space to effectively add more quick scenes to Alpha Fang without just displacing the others, so I wrote up some fun for Beta Fang instead.  Once's Fang's locked into Beta-mode (or after restarting a game with him locked in Beta-mode), you should get a new threesome scene where Sandra has a surprise for your beta-wolf.  While there's nothing new beyond this scene and its variants, more options for the Fang sex menu could be created in the future, should someone donate a couple of hours of time to have them made.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ronda (0/5)
  • Doberman (0/3) 
  • Bottlenose Toy Quest (0/10)