Friday, July 6, 2012

Ronda + Saving

We've got another update for you fine folks.  The quest to save Ronda is up and running, finally completed thanks to people chipping in step by step.  For those who don't remember, the quest should start automatically after walking into the Food Court any time after two days has passed since the creation of the Slut Rats.  There's an opportunity for one-time sex upon completion.

I've also added more of the recent content to the Trixie save code.  This includes:

- the new Main Storyline content with Dr. Matt and Zephyr
- the progress in saving Ronda (including the creation of the Slut Rats)
- Athanasia
- Kitsune
- The Skunkbeast Lord content

The Main Storyline content will award you the freecred you'd have earned doing those steps recently, as you can't carry over any resources you would have gotten with it.  Probably at some point soon, I have Trixie give you some freecred upon restoring based on your level so you don't have to keep starting from scratch.  It won't be a huge amount and will be capped, but it'll save you from having to start from scratch every time.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ronda (4/4)
  • Ferret (0/8) - first half coded, but unwritten
  • Feline (0/4)
  • More Bottlenose Toy (0/5)
  • Monthly Hours - TBD (0/6)