Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress Begins

I'm just writing to report in on the recent small additions and updates that have been made.

First, as most of you have probably noticed, the monthly bonus was decided in favour of the Stables this time around.  I've been in contact with Sarokcat and he informs me that many of the missing scenes are already written, but the proper files need to be located.  Once we've got them, we can start adding them in quickly.  This means we'll make much more headway with the bonus time than previously anticipated.

The Stablemaster's Office should now have a partially functional Slutslave.  One of the sex scenes ends abruptly, but it's still something.

Kara, the hyena herm, has also received a bit of an update.  No sex yet, but tattoos and piercings are go.  She's also been added to the save system.

I also adjusted the mechanics for the bear hug special attack to be slightly more forgiving if you find yourself in a tough scrape (which you may need, since the Stablemaster can now bear hug you).

Some more extended creature data was added to some critters.  It seems I'd missed uploading this batch at some point.

Sex scenes between Elijah and Sven are possible, but require time for Elijah to go through his sequence of interplay scenes with the snowmeow and for him have been properly made into your pet.  Their first scene together will hold itself until you're present to witness it, so after enough time's passed, try spending a turn or two in the bunker to see if it pops up.

Some more content from Kaleem was sent along: a Manticore creature and another batch of events, mainly located at the College Campus.

I also updated the conversation text for Rod and Ronda after she's saved.  I'd missed that part when I'd sent the completed version the other day.  This'll let to check up on how Rod and Ronda's new relationship is working out.

Also, there's been a lot of stuff coming out of late, but not much feedback.  I'd really appreciate some response on what people have particularly enjoyed about the new stuff in the last month or so.  I've rarely seen comments aside from those about bugs or content people would like to see.  It'd just be nice for me and the others putting this stuff out to get to hear what people really liked in the new goodies.