Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Updates

Got several new and updated things for you all to enjoy.
The Skunkbeast Lord endings have been created.  Numerous variations to discover here.  Altering my original ideas slightly based on some feedback, there's variations on what happens to Frank based on whether you focus on M/M or M/F with him.
Enhanced the Parasitic Plant to give it an alternate attack.  Also made a new event involving a rather sneaky plant.
The Lovers Bench has been updated to have a scene between Rachel and the player.
Several more files from Kaleem, including more events, tweaks and endings for the Gargoyle, and the Kitsune as an NPC after his quest.  Please note, the event for Kitsune's been renamed Strange Fox to prevent naming conflicts.

Also some great news, Sarokcat's back after his long hiatus (sipping wine and chasing French ladies, most likely), so everyone please welcome him back.  Some of the best stuff in the game is his work, so we're very pleased to have him back.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ronda (0/4) - started
  • Ferret (0/8) - partial outline
  • Feline (0/4)
  • More Bottlenose Toy (0/5)
  • Monthly Hours - TBD (0/6)