Friday, February 10, 2012

Candy ♥ Sven ♥ Endings ♥ Diego? ♥ Victory Sex!

For those who have been eagerly awaiting it, I've pushed myself into completing the interactions for Sven and Candy. The two will now end up playing together shortly after completing Sven's transition into being your playful kitty pet. There are six different threesome scenes (one with two ends) as well as a chance to catch the coon making his move on the kitty if you're lucky enough. I should have Sven's endings up soon as well.

As well, check out this lovely pic of Candy that Hickory did up. It was a significant factor in my getting this update completed over the last few days.

Update 2/13:
Sven's Endings:
I've finally put these together for the patient snowmeow. There are several interactions and special outcomes when the player succumbs as specific creatures. Have lots of fun experimenting to find them all. Hint: They're all kitties. :)
Diego: Inspired by a suggestion on the boards, I've also put in a pair of new Diego-related events you can run into in the city. These let the play witness a couple of pranks done by the trickster.

Update 2/15:
Victory Sex: Some of the old critters have been updated with victory sex players based on libido. These five have received an update: Herm Hyena**, Messy Pig*, Ashen Breeder**, Painted Wolf Herm and Small Feline.
* male/herm pig cock only       ** male/herm only