Friday, February 17, 2012

Imports: Clockwork Foxes, Margay, Killer Whale & Cerberus

With the help of Nuku's auto-translator, we've imported over the clockwork foxes and the margay from the multi-player game. I've spruced them up and everything, so they're ready to play with the players.
Clockwork Foxes: These foxes come in guy and girl varieties randomly, though you'll only get one or the other if you ban a group. They'll switch you to the opposite gender unless you have a Male/Female pref set.
Margays: Just be aware, these new kitties are out for some particularly kinky, UB fun. You have been warned. :)

Update 2/21:
Killer Whale: The Killer Whale has been ported over as well.
Wiki: A bunch more content has been added to the single-player Wiki, with all the monsters put in and at least some rough work on the locations.

Update 2/22:
Cerberus: The Cerberus has been adapted from the multi-player version and is now live. Again, I get an unexpected surprise trait from a ported creature, this time a tail cock. That's okay though, I have a little more experience with those. :)