Friday, February 24, 2012

Three New Critters + More + More Again

After some muddling around trying to figure out what I would work on, I managed to plow ahead and have created three new creatures for the game. There's some funny business going on at the State Fair. There are some big hooters at the Hospital. At the zoo, you'll find some big, horny guys at the Zoo. Now that I think about it, there's one male, one female and one herm creature in this batch. Something for everyone. Have fun. :)

Update 2/27:
Siren: As requested, the Siren and his eggy habits have been adapted over from the multi-player. Beware the Siren's song! As I tried a new mechanic with this creature, please let me know how the power balance is.

Update 2/27 Part 2:
Two more creatures were added to the State Fair to boost its roster of creatures. One is another unusual critter - not quite my thing, but I expect some people will dig it. The other is a more standard suggestion someone made. Now up to 7 critters, it should be more interesting there, if a little extra-weirder than before I started all this... which is saying a lot. :)