Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Write More Please!

I'm following Fenoxo's lead on this. I want to get some more monies, some for myself, some for the server upgrade project.
 So here's how it works!
  • Donations of $15 and up allow you to request I work on a specific part of the game for 1 hour per $15, up to 8 hours per person max.
  • Requests like “More feline stuff” or “Ratslut expansion” or “more merits” are ok.
  • Over specific requests like “I want to capture a husky girl and marry them and have a house” are likely be rejected. 
  •  I reserve the right to reject and refund a request for any reason. 
  • When donating, be sure to put in an email, then email me from that email with what you're hoping to see. 
  • Half of all request donations goes to the server, the other half, to annoying bills.

I should probably note, email is nuku@flexiblesurvival.com

  • 120$ - Slutrats(2.5/8)
  • 52$ - Skunk(0/3)
  • 30$ - Detailed Companion(preferably insect)(2/2) -- Stripes
  • 60$ - Sandra and Colleen Interaction/Changes(4/4) -- Stripes
  • 265$ - Total(8.5/16)