Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smells + Writer for Hire + 3 Requests Fulfilled

"What an incredible smell you've discovered."

I've made an update to the old smell feature thanks to some help from mirumu and a last minute save by NukuV. I spent hours putting smells to most objects, people and things the player can find in the game. Sniffing about will even sometimes give you a clue. Some scents change as an NPC changes over time.

As well, NukuV has offered to let me join in on the writer for hire action. I'll take the same rate as him ($15/hr). If anyone would like to me to work on something or write new content, send the funds to NukuV and we'll split it 50/50. Same general rules as with the other offer:
  • Buy some time and I'll put it to an idea or project of your choice. It can be expanding on old stuff or something new.
  • More money means more time means a more elaborate end product.
  • Something too specific or that would negatively impact gameplay may be rejected. Other ideas can be discussed, but I reserve the right in the end to refund a request for any reason.
  • I won't do work on the Stables quest, as that's someone else's project and I want to give them an opportunity to complete it.
  • When making a request, email NukuV the info or message me on the forum board with details. Please specify if you want either of us specifically for your request, otherwise we'll be sharing the workload.
  • Do not put any request details in the donation message through the payment site. Adult content makes them upset.
I look forward to helping with the fundraising on this project.

Update 3/1: Sandra and Coleen interaction request completed. Trixie tweaked to allow old codes to active the new content.
Update 3/1 Part 2: New pet request completed. She can be found at the park. Addition: New pet functions with Lovers Bench event.
Update 3/1 Part 3: There's some wayward skunk girls in the High Rise District chasing someone. What will you do? Another request done.