Monday, January 30, 2012

New Feline Foe

Cougars: Having gained a new feline friend, it's time for another feline enemy. These kitties are roaming around the High Rise District, looking to sate their animal urges on some hapless people.

New Events: I've added a few new events scattered around the game. Check the High Rise District, the State Fair and the Park, which each got a new one that's a little special in their own way. There are two new, basic ones added to the main Outside area as well.

Hunt/Explore: Some updates to how these function. Perception now affects hunting critters (+1 chance / 4 pts) and Master Baiter gives even more (an additional +1 / 3 pts). As well, hunting situations and events is now limited to the current area, keeping you from running into Beach stuff in the Museum or Zoo stuff at the Hospital and so on.

EDIT - 2/7
Drop Items:
Your ability to find drop items will receive a small, scaled boost based on your Perception.

Scavenging: To add more variety, chips and soda have been added to the items found while scavenging, but at a lower likelihood.

Vet Supplies: Herm-Preferred based option and effects added to this event.