Sunday, September 23, 2018

Taelyn Poll

The month's going strong, let's celebrate with a vote! Pick all that you like.

Option 1: Picnic Ant
Despite the sad state of the city, this anthro ant-girl is still cheerful, friendly, and hopeful. She can be found in the park and will happily invite you to join her on a picnic to eat and talk. Who knows? Maybe she isn't as innocent as she seems.

Option 2: Athanasia Update
Rewriting and Expansion of the content for the feral phoenix, as well as adding an infection for the player to put on some feathers too.

Option 3: Pangolin Blacksmith
Despite his size, this small, scaly mammal is quite the craftsman. He has learned to make use salvaged material to create new equipment to help you survive.  PS: He might have a little crush on you.

Option 4: The Jerboa Survivor
Wandering through the wastes, you stumble across a strange survivor. Like some strange cross between a mouse and a kangaroo, this flighty Jerboa boy is trying to survive, just as you are. Maybe it's best for you two to stick together?