Sunday, September 16, 2018

Wahn Poll

Wahn's taking the helm. Vote for where he goes. As usual, vote for all the ones that interest you.

Doctor Matt & Orthas: These two classic FS Characters have long been a bit left out. Let's make Matt a proper NPC with a real personality, talk menu and interactions with the player and pets the player can bring along. And of course, since he's so close to Orthas, that means taking a look at her too, reworking that ovi scene, and letting her actually stop the player from just strolling past her when they first meet (she's supposed to guard Matt after all)

Spike: Bad Alexandra's oldest son wants to get out into the city and put his mark on it. The young punk can join the player as a companion.

Darius: Let's bring out the fur brush and give the dealer's fur a few strokes, to see how he'll take it.

Diana: Another encounter with the young woman you might have met in the mall, hanging out with her and maybe going all the way too.