Sunday, October 7, 2018

Luneth Poll

Patreon Poll up:

First poll of the month, let's do it! Thanks for contributing to the game and spread the word around, we can keep growing and improving. Vote for all the ones that interest you.

*The True Heir To The Tiger Den: Opens up a special pregnancy route with Dom-Chase, which will add two new NPC’s to the Tiger Den. The twins, Indraa and Rohill. Eventually as the content goes further you will also be able to choose which twin will join you on your journey.

* Icarus Kind Route: A new route for people that want to be Icarus's dom but treat him better. (content: Will give new options for Icarus including sweet/romantic content. Will also have the choice to keep his submissive personality or allow him to be the man he was before, while still being your sub.)

*Scientific Inquisition: Join up with with Sam in a new side quest to claim back the scientific equipment that was left behind, it's time to go back to the researchers old lab. Unfortunately for what Sam has in mind you are going to need to recruit someone with a medical background, hopefully you will be able to convince the good doctor to join up. (content: A new quest for Sam no matter which form you placed him in, including the chance to gain an old fan favorite back at the library. Will also unlock the lab area in the library, which will give you the opportunity to alter certain allies there if you have earned their loyalty that is.)

* Origin Tapes: Create more tapes to further show origin stories for some of our favorite NPC's and pets. (content: First tapes on offer will be for Fang, Sandra, Artemis, and Philip.)

* Black Market: Create some other exclusive goodies bringing further use to your freecreds. (content: Some experimental toys such as vibrators, onaholes, strap-ons, restraints, and plugs. Supposedly to help collect nanites, may be used on yourself and/or NPC's.)

Patreon Poll up: