Tuesday, September 11, 2018

CrimsonAsh Poll

Here we are! Are you a patreon patron yet? Get over there and vote for what you desire!

*Werewolf expansion: Add a story and more of a character to the werewolf woman you encounter at night in the urban forest. More interactions and sex scenes with her, along with a personal quest to help her with, and a ‘problem’ of her going into heat that you’ll have to deal with.

*Frost Drake Expansion: Give this Drake an expansion fit with more scenes and interactions as well as being able to talk to a Drake after defeating him to gain more insight on where they come from.

*Nala Expansion: That little silly imp is up to her tricks again, help her with a few pranks around the bunker and she’ll be sure to thank you in turn. Add more interactions and expand more on Nala and the relationship between her and the player.

*Jill and Sandy Expansion: Give these two centaur ladies of Thomas's herd some more character, along with scenes and conversations for both of them, and a quest involving dealing with Jill's slaver father who comes looking for his daughter.

*New and Expanded Random Events!: Like it says, I will expand on exsiting events like the Wet Clothes, Politics, Failed Survivor, and Tracks events. As well as adding one or two more to sprinkle the world with. Feels free to suggest ideas on events!