Sunday, May 25, 2014

New FS Art

Hi everyone, it's Wahn again with some new artwork I got in - do check out the artists if you might be interested in getting anything yourself, they do some awesome work.

First up - Brooke the otter, done by Otterbits from FurAffinity:

Then there's this picture of Diego, the trickster coyote in the park. Done by the talented Valdericblackstag from Furaffinity:

And finally, two scenes with Carl the husky - which show a bit of the stuff bubbling around in my imagination, if not in the game... namely content for Carl wandering the streets if the player does free him without bringing him in:

Here we have Carl in a threesome with a zebra and fox, drawn by FoxedRot on Furaffinity:

And Carl enjoying the company of a feral wolf, drawn by Hufnaar on Furaffinity: