Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dragonpalooza 2: First Baude Part II

Alas, my twisted little imps, Blue Bishop returns!

I surmise that even those with the dullest of observational skills will be keen to my inclination for biting off more than I can chew, and the ultimate result of such over-ambition being the ponderous nature of this vaunted update. But fear not, I have the second part of the planned content, along with a little extra to compensate for the delay!

For this update, we'll be seeing an update to the Feral Sea Dragon/ess. Let us commence!

  • Player Loss:
    • Both the Feral Sea Dragon and Feral Sea Dragoness have received a facelift to all their existing content... Not by much, though! At least, for the Dragon. There's a certain irony in how my debut overhaul requires the least amount of improvement (And I'm certain that has nothing to do with the fact that Stripes helped me with it, way back when).
    • The Dragoness, however, did require a bit more work. Submissive FSD players in particular will find her interactions with you to be more robust (For example, she'll now engage with submissive females).
      • The rules and mechanics for this sort of interaction with the Dragoness, as well as the long term effects, have been tweaked to be consistent with other mechanics suggested in the player victory section.
    • Both now have a Vore-Based Bound State. The male will rarely do it at Normal, with the female requiring More.
    • There's been some fixes to infection mechanics for the pair. They're meant to infect you, not only with the opposite gender (Barring any locks), but with the opposite strain, which have minor cosmetic differences. One wasn't doing this and the other had some incorrect criteria for it to activate, among other things.
  • Player Victory:
    • Both encounters now have a robust selection of player victory scenes available. The number should be on par with the Wyvern and, similarly, can be accessed regardless of libido with Dominant.
    • While the Dragoness is innately submissive (And still runs the risk of forcing male/herm FSD players to mount her if they're not careful), her male counterpart isn't so receptive to the notion. As you can imagine, with a little work, you can change his mind on the matter...
  • Endings:
    • The Succumb Endings have been greatly expanded, up to a total of Eight outcomes, based on which of the two you're stuck with and your interactions with them. The system for determining what gender you'll succumb to has been made to be much the same to the Yamato dragon pair; the choice is made by which one you lose to (or beat and have sex with) the most. 
      • If you're ever confused by which one you're stuck with, a line of text will telegraph any time you make a shift, if you have the FSD strain.
    • The Survive Endings, however, received the opposite effect. The previous endings were the only remaining content from their original incarnation, and suffered from being convoluted, with arbitrary checks, that conflicted with the restrictions on what a survive ending can entail. It has since been simplified into a single one with more straightforward checks.

Oh, but that's not all! To compensate for the delay, I added a little something extra to the mix!

  • Doran:
    • The cunt length requirement for Doran to ride you has been lowered to 5, down from 8. There was a bit of a double standard going on where he'd be able to anally mount players as small as a scale of 2, but was unable to mount players vaginally with endowments proportionate to even a scale of 3. I have since resolved this error and now ladies should be able to have fun with the dragon right from the get-go
    • Doran has received an additional sex scene, available exclusively in Neutral demeanour. It's perfectly reasonable to not pick a side with the dragon, but the more extreme incarnations of said sides exist as rewards for that choice, something staying on the fence doesn't provide. This should suffice as a small bonus to those players.
And that's it for now. Hopefully this will sate your hunger until I finish the final part of this oversized overhaul. If I messed anything up, please let me know in the comments section or on the forums.

If you're not sure when you'll receive the content, this update was sent May 1st. Enjoy!