Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Content Update

Time again for another update.  We've had several significant additions to the game, so a posting about the stuff is overdue.  Here's what we've got that hasn't already been covered in special announcements:

Wolfman Cheerleader (Apr 29): As an alternate path, you may now join the cheerleading squad for the Football Wolfmen.
Park (May 3): In preparation of the blue oni's arrival, the park and shrine got a bit of extra polish for their descriptions. 
Rane, the blue Oni (May 10): There's a new oni in town! You can meet him through the warehouse district in the "Rooftop Rumble" event chain and again in the "blue oni" event in the park, then possibly bring him home to the library. He's got a full talk and sex menu available.
Evil Elijah (May 15): During a walk-in scene at the bunker, the dark angel has new ideas what he can do with a submissive player who has Brutus along...
Nermine (May 21): More 'public' sex for the jackaless and her jackalman master - including a jaguar or naiad spectator who can be invited to join.
Carl (May 21): A number of walk-in events - Alpha Fang fucking Carl, Carl fucking David in the bunker, Candy showing the husky a good time,

Blue Bishop:
Onyx (May 21): Finally available is the path to make the freed Onyx into a mare.  Just chat with Harold to set things in motion.  Note, this only works if Onyx isn't firmly settled into being a stallion.

Breasts (May 11): Tweaks to the breast change subroutine to reduce errors, make male breasts work properly and other improvements.
New Feat (May 18): New Mugger feat added as an advanced form of 'Magpie Eyes', greatly improving your odds of collecting drop items.  Also can be (de)activated to let you better control its function.

Apocalypse Store (May 13): Some fixes and tweaks were made by Dr. Gryphon, and then a few more by me before tentatively activating the event, though more adjustments are needed to cope with the long item names.
Saber Kitty (May 8): A new critter added by Blaydrex, currently running around in the main Outside area, pending possible relocation.
Typos Genocide (May 18-20): Trying his hand (wing?) at helping out, Strongbird's come along to wipe out loads of typos.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Kristen (7/13)
  • Bubble/Leonard/Artemis (4.5/7)
  • Drake Sorceress (1.5/10) 
  • Raven NPC (0/14)
  • Zigor finale (0/4)
  • Frank (0/7)
  • GSD squad (0/8) 
  • Alexandra (0/3) 
  • Male Christy (0/11)
  • Bonus Hours (1.25/6) - Open Suggestions - Stripes
  • Bonus Hours (3.5/7.5) - Catgirl Library Visitor - Wahn
NOTE: Those who've made requests of me in the past month, please consult the above list to make sure your request is there if not already completed.