Thursday, May 8, 2014

April Bonus Hours

Given the large number of bonus hours (thanks - you're awesome!), we've divvied up the bonus hours between Wahn, Blue Bishop and myself, and we'll all be tackling different stuff.  EDIT: Wahn will be basing his portion of the bonus hours on the results of previous poll, doing work on some of the runners-up that didn't quite make it.  Blue Bishop's will be doing a special project to cover those freebee hours coming from the ad revenue and the additional time from Multiplayer.  As for myself, I'm throwing it out to you guys to again give suggestions on where you'd like to see me put the 6 hours I'll be covering.

I want to confine it to improvements and additions to existing content in the game, so no new critters or NPCs this time please.  Do you want new sex scenes for someone?  Updated player victory/loss for a critter?  Better endings for someone or something?  More work done on something that's been awaiting completion for a while?  An improvement or expansion on an existing mechanic?  A new feat?  An alt-combat ability for a critter?  Let me know which NPC/critter/improvement you'd like and I'll pick some stuff from the list to do between my current projects.