Saturday, April 26, 2014

NPC Updates

I'm reporting back in with news on the updates that have been added since my last posting.  We've got a bunch of additions, almost entirely focusing on NPCs.  As a reminder, please check your access level and download date versus the content addition's to verify which updates you'll be able to obtain.

Orthas (Apr 17): As a reward for the writing contest we held, Orthas has a new task that you can do for her.  Opens once you've dealt w/Susan for Dr. Matt (completed Main Storyline 1), but only if you've also been letting the dragoness put her eggs in you.
Gwen (Apr 23): Meredith is having some trouble getting a foal.  While going to get help, a solution appears in the form of another squad member.  No sex w/NPC yet.  Warning: NPC option contains UB and AR content.
Bubble (Apr 25): The option to have some UB fun resulting in gaining an adjustable, inflatable infection like hers.
EDIT: Bubble (Apr 27 am): The player inflation/deflation now open.  It requires you to be pure Inflatable Vulpine.
Central Library (Apr 26): Upgraded to link menu system.
Tyr's Arena (Apr 26): Upgraded to link menu system.  Battling now takes a turn and has a cooldown rate.
Game Art (Apr 15): More artwork's been added to the game, mainly those pieces I got from FE 2014, but also Demon-Man's art for the Shaft Beast creatures, included with permission of Twilight Master and Demon-Man.

Angie the Pantherherm (Apr 21): Rebuilt in preparation of future content with all her existing scenes thoroughly reviewed.
Val the Orc Breeder (Apr 21): Meet the guy captured with the player in the first Orc Slave Raid event again in their lair - now transformed into an Orc Breeder.
EDIT: Carl & David (Apr 26 pm): During these walk-in scenes, Carl develops an interest in the other soldier. What will you recommend for him to do about it?
EDIT: Lilith (Apr 26 pm): Upgraded to link menu system.

Saveword Additions:
- Apr 21: Val and Chris added to the saveword.
- Apr 24: Vanessa, Meredith and Gwen added to saveword.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Kristen (0/6)
  • Bubble/Leonard/Artemis (4.5/7)
  • Drake Sorceress (0/8)
  • Bonus Hours (Joining the Wolfman Cheerleaders) (0/4) - Wahn
  • Blue Oni - (0/20) - Wahn