Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Poll & New Artwork

Hi everyone, this is Wahn. As most of those who wrote something about what they want to see for the current bonus hours said "expand existing content", I've put together a list of choices for you to vote on in a Forum Poll. Please have a look, cast your vote and post replies if you want to say what you'd like to see most or which pairing you'd suggest.

In other news - I've got new artwork to show :) (click em for a larger view)

Here's David, drawn by the talented Keitaro87 on Y-Gallery:

Then here we have another green orc hunk, drawn by Gene Lightfoot on Y-Gallery:

And finally, a sexy caveman from the museum, drawn by... someone awesome, who shall not be named:
(do note that the current cavemen in FS do not fit the 'Cro Magnon' designation or the looks of this guy above - I'll have to rename em one of these days when I get to em, maybe even put in a real Cro Magnon infection to run parallel to those apemen)