Thursday, April 3, 2014

Game Support and Bonus Hours

There has been a recent change in how the game will be delivered to players.  Wanting to keep the game free to our players, but needing a more steady revenue stream to be able to do so, a delayed game release structure is being implemented by Nuku.  For those of you who've been enjoying TiTS and CoC from Fenoxo, you should be familiar with this sort of arrangement.

For those who haven't noticed, this new release system is in effect, such that the basic download links will be two weeks out of synch with content release.  If you want to get access to the most up-to-date version of the content, you can do so by donating to support the game or as an added reward for having a paid multiplayer subscription.  And don't worry, if you cannot support the game financially, you'll still be able to see that content once the waiting period's over.  This means the game will remain free, but supporting it will give you access to the newest content faster.

- If you're an existing donator, create an account through the multiplayer system and contact Nuku with info on which account is yours.
- If you've already got a multiplayer account, you can get a paid subscription (with the appropriate Mako) by going here.
- When you're logged into your multiplayer account, the usual download links on the blog should provide you seamlessly with the corresponding version of the game.
- As an extra reminder, the Mako from multiplayer subscriptions can be used to obtain Writer for Hire additions to the single-player game at the equivalent exchange rate.  So having this setup will allow you to directly manage your support, game access and donation requests whether or not you're an active participant in the multiplayer game.

Finally, we've got four bonus hours earned from last month.  While Wahn's suddenly been thrown a big request (really several separate requests all in one bundle), he's going to be taking care of those bonus hours for you guys.  He wants some suggestions though as to what you'd like to see done with that time, so toss out your ideas in the comments.  Thanks again for your continued support.