Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sam and Doberman

We've had two notable updates in the last few days:

Doberman Cop: The culmination of all your hard work in showing the canine policewoman who's boss can now come to fruition.  If you manage to defeat her after having pushed her over the edge (third form), you'll be able to deal with her permanently and have the opportunity to take the bad doggy home.

Dual-Taur: The F2H path for Sam has been completed.  After several sexings with the vixentaur, you'll be given the option to give her the second vial.  Successfully doing so will give her the third, hybrid form.  The Vixentaur creature has been created as well, which will be released after you decide what you'll do at this point.  Succeeding on your attempt will release both the Dragontaur and the Vixentaur.

Multi news: I've just got a handful of scenes left to write and then a (probably not-so-) quick test.  I'm hoping Sunday/Monday.  I've made 8 forms for her to start, including the 3 selected by the group.