Sunday, December 9, 2012

Multi V1.0

The first version of Multi is up and appears functional.  It is fairly in depth, with several gender and size-comparison based scenes for lovemaking and 8 possible forms to pick from to start (listed below).  Now, this is the first version of the system and I have several improvement in mind which will help resolve some problems and shortcomings, but this first version seems to work adequately well.

For those of you who haven't guessed it, you'll need to go visit Larissa at Zephyr to get the ball rolling.  If you haven't completed a task for Zephyr already, she'll assign you some simple monster bashing duty.  Once that's done, things will start rolling.

The forms currently available for Larissa are the following.  Aside from the three chosen through voting, the others were picked to provide some variety in forms and scale.  She's got a lot of variables, so more interesting things can be done if people are willing to chip in more time for the creation of new forms or scenes which play off of them.  I hope to someday see her have most of the existing creatures available as infections.
  • Alpha Husky (male)
  • German Shepherd (male)
  • Tigress Hooker (herm)
  • Panda (male)
  • Teddy Bear (female)
  • Latex Mistress (female)
  • Naga (male)
  • Mammoth (herm)