Thursday, December 6, 2012

Multi Voting Closed

This is your notification that only 24 hours remain for voting on forms for Multi, ending at noon EST tomorrow.

EDIT: Voting closed.  Thanks to all those who've participated.  We hope you'll enjoy the results once Multi's released.  And here are the winners you picked:
Alpha Husky (male) - 9 votes
German Shepherd (male) - 7.5 votes
Tigress Hooker (herm) - 5 votes

Those three picked by the fans will be added to a few others to try and ensure there's at least a couple of options available.  Playing with content banned will cut down on your choices, but I'll try and juggle it so there's still one or two regardless.  As more batches are added, this problem will be alleviated.  I'll still need a while to write the assorted sex scenes, but I'll try and get as much of that done as I can with the remaining time.