Thursday, December 20, 2012


We've had several new additions recently, mostly expanding upon existing content:
- Lucy the Mall Rat: Your sexy girlfriend's eager to try out some new positions with you.  One's a new variation for straight sex and the other is to open an option for anal sex with her.
- Sand Man: A handsome male appearing on the beach who appears to be made entirely out of sand.  Created by Wahn.
- Dr. Utah the Wereraptor: The female version of the doctor's available for breeding with the virile wereraptor player.  Wereraptor content has been added to the saveword.
- Sam the Dual-Taur: The direct path for getting Sam as a herm has been opened, though this does not currently cause the release of the creature versions of his forms.  The Dracovixentaur creature has been added as well and all three have additional sex, including player victory scenes now.  Sam's been added to the saveword.
EDIT 12/20: Flaming Lynx: Added a new player victory scene where you ride the lynx for anal sex.

Also, I'll be heading home for the holidays soon.  While my work on content will continue, my ability to provide updates will be limited.  While a recent change in plans means I will have less free time than originally anticipated, I hope to be able to complete the requests and more as a massive update upon my return.  I'll be staying in touch while away, so I can try to deal with emergency fixes and updates via Nuku, if necessary.  There's also a present for you all on the way, but it's not quite done yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (7.5/9) 
  • Equinoids (0/6) (started)
  • Dual-Taur H (6.5/8)
  • Lucy (1/1)
  • More M/M (0.75/3)
  • Bonus Hours: NPC + Stables (3.5/10)