Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Content

Continuing work on the donation requests, I've completed another batch of bonus content for Leonard, adding more events to be found in the park by a matronly player after the end of Leonard's quest.  Several of these come with special sex scenes and more fun with the felines of the pride.

Also, to help address concerns on the disproportionate level of furry critters running around, I've added two humanoid forms imported in part from the multiplayer game, the Math Teacher (Campus) and the Dark Elf (Capitol Bldg).  The latter has been heavily modified, making them both herms, as the non-furry humanoids creatures are especially low on herms.

With the creation of another creature for the Capitol Bldg area, I have transferred with Ash creatures (Whelp, Dragator and Drakenoid) to there, as that was there originally intended zone.  The area will still need a lot of work, but we'll get it up to snuff in time.  As a reminder, you'll need to find the 'Government Assistance' event to first find the area.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (0/9) 
  • Equinoids (0/6)
  • Dual-Taur H (0/8)
  • Bonus Hours: NPC + Stables (0/10)