Sunday, April 29, 2012

Researcher / Zephyr Updates

As everyone can plainly see, Nuku and I have been expanding the game with the new Researcher scenario and Zephyr added to the mix.  The credit costs and rewards are still in flux at the moment, so please let us know how these figures are working out for you.  I've made several significant changes and additions of my own to this, including:
  • Vial collection is now affected by Intelligence.
  • The Expert Researcher feat grants a second opportunity at vial collection if the first was unsuccessful.  It now also requires a researcher have an Int of 15+ or be level 9+.
  • The vial inventory (vint) has been separated from the regular inventory for easier reading.  It will only show if vials are available to the player
  • Zephyr will now buy vials from you!  Use vialsell <name>.
  • The option to sell vials appears in the vial inventory if in the presence of Larissa.
  • Zephyr will pay decreasing amounts for vials you've already sold them.  They'll take 5 of any type at most, and less from low level critters.
  • The nanite collector has been discounted down to 500, as Zephyr wants you out there collecting for them.
  • Pepperspray, at limited quantities, has been added to the Zephyr supply store.
  • Some more detail has been added to Zephyr and its contents. 
Please let us know what you think of all the advancements we've been making to the game.  Without feedback, it's hard to gauge how to make these additions enjoyable, both from a reward and difficulty standpoint.