Sunday, April 22, 2012

Denise the Gryphoness Update

Completing another donation request that was made, I have created an update for Denise the Gryphoness. Just keep her around for a while and new stuff should start happening.

Writer for Hire Update:

Current projects:
  • NPC Request (0/10)
  • More Alpha Fang (0/2)
  • Hellhound (0/2)
Recently completed:
  • Joanna (8/8)
  • Mice (8/8)
  • More Fang (2/2)
  • Alpha Fang (4/4)
  • Denise (3/3)
If people would like more work done on new or existing content, this remains open. A $15 donation rewards you with an hour of work on a request of your choice. Make a donation and tell Nuku if you want slut rats, hyena content, Stables updates, a new beaver creature... some general request or theme and we'll work on it for the allotted time. Remember, a share of the funds raised goes to support the continued expenses for the game and for hardware/bandwidth improvements, as well assisting the poor writers who've been providing you with so much fun.