Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Report

What time is it? Report time.

Flexible Survival novel sold over 70 copies!
Also still available from Smashwords: here

The writer for hire drive has been more successful than I could have dreamed. The singleplayers have proven they can chip in when they want to, and have done a bit less than half this month's donations. Much of that has gone to Stripes, who is awesome, and churning out incredible amounts of content for the singleplayer. We also got a new, shiny, server.

Lots of people having a good time over in multiplayer land. New server is performing nicely. You may not know, but the server actually hosts more games than just flexible. About a dozen other accounts exist, supporting other fledgling game developers who need a place to park their projects while they tinker at them. Community spirit is a great thing.

March Donations: 4,855
February Donations: 3,122
January Donations: 2,786

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245
July Donations: 3,267
August Donations: 2,648
September Donations: 2663.90
October Donations: 3,162
November Donations: 3,090
December Donations: 2,711

I don't even have words. Ok, here's a few. Thank you. This is the best month ever! The writer for hire will continue as is, giving Stripes some needed funds(Did you know he gets 66% of it?), and we'll push for continued excellence in the months ahead.